I Wish

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Jane Doe
ENC 1102
Professor XXXX
1 August 2013
I wish… Looking back on my childhood and at all of the dreams I had, I have to realize that my life today is far from what I had dreamed of. Growing up without a mother and raised by an absentee father, I had to learn at an early age to take care of myself and to depend on myself for my basic needs. I spent most of my days daydreaming about the mother I did not have. In my dream world, she was well and alive: a beautiful, loving and caring woman who loved me unconditionally. I grew up, graduated from college, married a man with three children of his own, and realized that I still, more than ever, live in a dream world where my mother is well and alive. In my forties, I am a grown
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Although my married and family life is more than I could have asked for, my life is still missing something, and it is a big piece. I have three step-children, and they are very good children. I would do anything for them, and I do everything for them. They are always on my mind. Did they eat? Are they safe at school? Do we have enough money for their college funds? I am always planning for their future. Sometimes I drive my husband crazy always talking about the children and their future. Reading these lines, one might think my life is full and complete, but it is not; I miss having my own child. I wish I had a child of my own. To feel a living thing growing inside of me, to have him or her born of me, to see that baby growing up, to recognize some of my physical, emotional traits and characteristics in this child; oh, my God, I only wish I had that wonderful experience! I love my step-children and I think that they like and tolerate me, but the fact is that I am not their mother, and they do remind me of it almost every day. To be loved unconditionally by our child: to be everything for him or her, to know that no matter what happens, he or she would always run back to us, is … I just cannot find words to explain it. I know it must be wonderful and miraculous. That mother and child bond is divine, and I only wish that I could have experienced and lived it for myself. Every day I wake up longing to
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