I Wish to Pursue a Master's in Information Technology Management

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Introduction It is fascinating how quickly the technology is advancing. To survive in this fast changing world, one must have well-rounded skills - not only high competence in technology but also a knack in the business. A master’s degree in Information Technology Management at University of Texas, Dallas will gives me the perfect platform to study about the business management and Information Technology. Academic Background I was introduced to computers in my middle school where I had a chance to learn the programming language ‘LOGO’ using which I wrote small programs to move the turtle on the screen in different directions. It was an amazing experience to see that what a few lines of code can do.Then i have decided to study about computers. That motivated me to eventually pursue the I hold Bachelors of Technology degree in Information Technology from CMR Institute of Technology, affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru technological University. Taking courses like Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms, Unix and Shell programming,Operating systems, Object oriented programming, Software project management gave me a solid technical foundation in Computer Science. Projects/Internships I was always excited about implementing projects based on the concepts taught in the class. I have also worked on projects As a part of my undergraduate curriculum, I designed and implemented a on Library Management System, a database application developed using JAVA and SQL Server 2005. It was a
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