I Work At What Point I Became The Older Person At Work

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I work in an extremely diverse organization. I did not know at what point I became the "older" person at work. I believe that I have turned into a grumpy old fart because I have a love-hate relationship with the younger generation of work cohorts. The Millennials drive me crazy. They seem to worry and focus on what I consider ridiculous causes like a bike cage at work to keep their bicycles they ride to work on safe during the day. They are very talented, efficient, and productive. Generational values Our values come from our life experiences. Things we went through in childhood and the teenage years are what made us the people we are today. There are three stages of value formation, which are imprinting, modeling and socializing. In the early stages of childhood (years 1-7), children do a lot of observation of the world around them and imprinting occurs. Through observations, the children define what is normal in their world. For example, not eating certain foods like meat or pork, and not saying grace before dinner, or the family sharing one big bed. Modeling is one of the most critical stages of value formation. From the ages of 7 to 13, independent thinking occurs. Children begin to form the own style of dress, hair, friends, or activities. In the earlier stages being an individual, different is more acceptable to them than it is in the later pre-teen years. Socializing takes place between the ages of 14-20. I believe in this day and age particularly
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