I Work Night Shift At A Hospital As A Patient Care Assistant.

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I work night shift at a hospital as a patient care assistant. My role is basically to provide basic care to patients and relieve the registered nurse of this burden so she can focus on medicating and assessing the heart of the patient’s troubles. I have only been honored to work in this profession for a mere five months now, but in that time, I have cheered on many recoveries and held many hands as the patient went to his final home. It is a very exhausting job, that sometimes does not feel very rewarding. Every now and then something will remind me just how privileged I am to get to experience what I have seen at my hospital. Last night was one of those nights. I was working my second 12-hour shift in two days. The hospital finally put…show more content…
I did my duty off and on for 55 minutes before time of death was called. I stood hovering over the patient’s body, arms outstretched and ready to make his heart beat one more final time when the doctor pronounced him dead. I read his obituary before I came in for my shift this night. As I drifted deeper into my thoughts I kept thinking about this patient and what I read in the paper. He had several children and grandchildren. He was an animal lover and helped in his community. I felt extremely honored to be trusted to help at least attempt to bring him back to life. I wondered just how many people have passed at this hospital. I thought back to the comfort measures patients I had taken care of when I first started working on my unit. These patients were expected to, “take the big trip home”. They receive pain medication, bed changes, and are periodically turned to prevent pressure ulcers. I have watched the labored breathing of a patient like this slow until it completely disappears. I have heard patients call out to God and all their loved ones they were going home to. So many people, so many still nights. To some, ushering someone out of this world is frightening, but I believe in Heaven. Whether they eased into their death like a gentle slumber or fought tooth and nail to stay they went someplace. That transcending a person does, for me, is a spiritual experience. It reaffirms

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