I Would Never Jump Out Of A Parachute Persuasive Speech

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The preposterous phrase; I would never jump out of a perfectly good airplane is a phrase that all of us have heard one time or another. Why do some use that phrase? Several times I recall using it. I know I’ve used it to deflect the truth that I can be quail or lack pure and simple bravery. I would never parachute out of a perfectly working airplane. In fact, I probably would need a courtesy push out of an airplane that was not working properly. Think about it. Chances are that someone you do not know is responsible for packing the parachute you’re going to use. Can you trust that? Worse yet, maybe the person packing the parachute does know you. Furthermore, while dangling from cable under an open canopy floating back to earth, what if a sudden and massive gust of wind knocked you off course and your landing zone was no longer a wide open field, but instead a zone of clutter with obstacles such as buildings, trees or vehicles? Worse yet, what if those were moving vehicles? The point I’m trying to convey is, you could perform to perfection every trained move, study every sophisticated detail, do everything by the book, and still have an element out of your control mess it up for you. Not to mention the possibility of a mess on someone’s immaculate barbeque ready patio. There was a time I felt the idea of climbing a mountain with glaciers in a comparable way. Again, think about it. First, you need to obtain all the proper clothing and gear, study and practice what you can on

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