I Would Not Classify Myself As An Athletic Or Sporty Person

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I would not classify myself as an athletic or sporty person. Instead I would substitute creative in place of those words. My specialties lie within the realms of art that include drawing, painting, and poetry. These hobbies are enjoyable as they allow me to express myself when simple communication fails. They bring me happiness and give me a sense of purpose in my young life. When I create art, I get the chance escape the harsh experiences that humans go through by living essential in my head. As I get lost within my thoughts, I find imaginative ideas that I use for inspiration to create my various artworks. However, without exercise, how could I express myself physically or take care of my health? In the past, I despised any forms of exercise or physical activity. I found them tedious, boring and most importantly exhausting. I would rather do something sedentary than move around and become sweaty. Based on my unpersuadable opinions on exercise, I overlooked the meaningful impact that it had on my overall well-being and development into adulthood.
During the fall season of 2004, this attitude regarding sports changed. I joined a youth’ league basketball team at the Water Tower Recreation Center located in the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philadelphia. I absolutely enjoyed playing for the team as I found numerous great friends around my age. As a shy child, this helped me become more social among my peers thus improving my social skills. I found friends based on the common…
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