I am Every Crazy Girl Essay

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“Crazy Girl” “She’s batshit crazy,” Roger said from behind his computer monitor. “Hot as fuck, but batshit crazy. I mean we broke up two weeks, and she still keeps sending messages like this.” He passed his iPhone over the gray cubicle wall to Jimmy Fitzgerald better known as Fitzy, Roger’s friend and voice of reason since high school. Fitzy scrolled through the messages from the contact “DO NOT REPLY” in Roger’s phone. The one-sided conversations had started two weeks ago when Roger called his girlfriend of three months to break up. It wasn’t that Valerie was a bad girlfriend or not his type; she was exactly his type with lush red hair and shapely legs. The only reason they weren’t together was because she couldn’t understand boundaries…show more content…
“What did you call her? Wait, don’t tell me—Pookie! ” “Thanks, Fitz,” Roger mumbled as he turned back to his computer screen. “The worst part of it is that she keeps sending the text—‘Maybe I can change your mind’. How delusional do you think she has to be before they can lock her in a padded room?” Another round of cackling came from Fitzy’s cubicle before he handed the phone back across the flimsy wall separating the two desks. Roger sat back down at his desk, determined to put his stalker ex to rest. **** Across from the busy demands of downtown, Valerie Williamson used her illegally copied key on an expensive Inner Harbor loft r that belonged to Roger. She slipped through the steel-plated door, and into the living room of a bachelor. “Oh Roger, you’ve redecorated,” Valerie said, her voice sweet and seductive. The paintings they purchased at a flea market on their second date were replaced by movie posters on the wall and photos of Roger with his arms wrapped around a tall, athletic blond. As she passed through the kitchen, she plucked a carving knife out of the wood block, tossing it in the air. “I don’t like what you’ve done, you naughty boy,” she said, her ruby lips poised in a predatory snarl. “Blonds don’t have more fun.” Valerie shrugged off her cropped leather jacket allowing a pair of jet black wings to unfurl from either side of her tank top. The bat-like appendages flapped behind her, stirring the air as she headed towards the bedroom. She had

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