I am Not Bi-Racial, I am a Human Being

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I am Not Bi-Racial, I am a Human Being At the end of my first semester at the University, I had the experience of filling out forms to rate the professor of each course that I was enrolled in at the time. Each standard evaluation given by the University was alike in almost all respects. I have been taking standardized tests as early as second grade, and it seemed quite familiar to fill in the informational circles with a number two pencil. The informational circles were nothing new to me: full name, sex, social security number, and race, yet each time I reach the section of race, I am unable to come up with a good solution to a problem that exists. Biologically, I am half African-American and half Caucasian. My appearance tells me…show more content…
In fact, just the opposite is true in that it is the ideal situation: to be rid of the bars of classification that is "Americanness." The problem lies in the reality of a different setting. If I am placed into a situation where I must face the fact that I am different, I feel that I am out of my comfort zone. My feelings are accurately described when Caceres states: Strong messages hung in the air radiating much uncomfortable information. The messages were beyond those of common adolescent experiences of discomfort and self- discovery. It was as if there were a secret in America that I was being perceived as undesirable and ‘different’. (89) I had a discussion with a friend during this past summer, and it made me aware of an interesting concept in my own life that I had not realized until that point. I had had an experience at work in which a co-worker of mine said something about my being black. Living in my predominantly white, Wisconsin city, this young individual had not been exposed to a lot of diversity in his life and made a generalization that did not fit me by any means. I told my friend about this incident, nonchalantly pointing out that it was inappropriate at the time, but I really couldn’t expect much out of someone that was both ignorant and naive. My friend then mentioned something to him in passing, and later told me that in her conversation with him she told him, "Kathryn doesn’t know she’s black, so don’t tell her."
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