I am Proud of My Views on Chrisitanity

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Religion is a topic that is generally something everyone shy’s away from speaking about. We all have that notion that you should never ask someone what their religion is and never to yourself openly speak on it. However it should be something to be proud of, something that you openly feel free to express upon and feel open to call upon your God in times of trouble and sorrow no matter where you may be. In this paper I will be shedding light on my views of Religion, God, Evil and a few other topics to help enable you to see my views on the subject. Many are asked what is your picture of God? Where does he originate from to you? In part, I could say he is truly all around us for he is found in every piece of everything we are, have, see and do. For if it were not for him there would be no nature, no land to build upon therefor no buildings to build and of course no people to inhabit those buildings. But he is of course in the skies above as well watching over us and all that we do. While he watches us he can also be found inside every one of us for we are a piece of him. God is able to guide our lives weather we chose to follow him or not he plays a hand in all that we do. Many think that in order to be religious you have to identify with a specific denomination and devout yourself one hundred percent to them. I personally do not feel that this is the case as do many others in the world. Although I associate myself with Christianity, I feel that you can commit

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