I don't Belong Here

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“I'm going to shoot them both”, she thought, rolling her eyes with a heavy sigh. As if being stuck in the middle of nowhere with no way of asking for help wasn't enough trouble already, her good luck offered her the company of the two most annoying men she had met in a while, and that meant a lot. She was a bus driver, she met all kind of annoying people every single day. You do the math. The two guys were bickering over the right way to take to get out of there as soon as possible, but what would have been hilarious if she got to see the scene without being involved was that the one who looked the oldest was getting really worked up over all of that, he kept cursing over his out-of-signal cellphone and trying to climb on trees to see further: the whole thing was honestly a comedy-gold sight, considering the fact that the suit he had been wearing was probably worth two-months of her usual salary and it was now so ripped to shreads and dirty that he looked like the poorest of the homeless. In the mean time the other guy had been sitting on the ground, chewing a piece of grass between his lips and throwing some random comments about how he should have given up already since it would have taken days for someone to find them, and this just in order to make the other man panic even more. She was pretty sure the sarcastic little shit wouldn't have needed more than an hour to find the right direction and come back home, he was just having fun. Coming to think of it, the guy
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