I have a Malformed Ear

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Having a malformed left ear is a unique part of me that I have lived with for much of my young life. Regardless of the changes I have been through it is still a fundamental part of who I am. The choice of changing my appearance was an important stage of my life that once set in motion was near irreversible. On reflection, thinking back I have begun to realise just how much of an impact the whole process has had and I am only now considering the possible effects it could have on my future. My decision to have ear reconstruction stemmed from the fact that I did not want to, when older, regret the passing up of the opportunity. I felt like I had little to lose and saw no major negative aspect to the surgery. Although I understood that it may be long and painful, those potential concerns did not matter as much to me as being able to feel like I had two ears like everyone else. Looking back, I am satisfied with my choice. It was made at the right time because if I had postponed the decision until now, it would take up what could be potentially some of the most important years of my life when I am busy studying for important exams. Making the decision at a younger age benefitted me as school time, although useful, was not as valuable as it now is so having it taken up by operations and recovery time did not hurt me as academically as it could have. The operations themselves were my least favourite part of the whole process. The first operation, in a series of three, was
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