I 'll Never Forget The Day

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I 'll never forget the day, it was September 28 a

Monday afternoon. The day moved extremely

slow on this particular Monday. As if it being

Monday wasn 't already hard enough, I sat in 5th

period tuned out while Mrs. Jenkins bored us

with her dirty political jokes. No one ever really

payed attention in her class, I mean it is history

where the past is merely old news. Jenna

Cardinal and her groupies sat in the back of the

room sneaking food and Jeffery Tyles bragged

about how many girls he 'd been with that

weekend. I pretty much tuned everyone else out

except for that day when Kathy Greere, one of

Jenna 's groupies began to turn purple and fell it

if her seat. Everyone began to going into a panic

frenzy that even Mrs Jenkins was in shock.

Kathy began to flop and tussle around knocking

books off the desks while a student called for

the nurse. Everyone was forced to clear the

room but I still peaked in horror. The ambulance

came but by that time it was too late, the general

consensus was that Kathy ate a homemade

cookie that contained peanut butter and

walnuts, which she was highly allergic to. She

did not have her Epi-pen with her that day and

the nurse had no knowledge of her allergy. After

this traumatic event I began to wonder why the

school would not have certain medications on

file for "rainy days" much like this one. It just

didn 't make sense to me so I began to look into

medication administration laws in
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