I 'm A Social ( Network ) Drinker

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Your identity is something that reflects your background and culture, and shows who you are. It’s something that is always changing as you meet new people, move to new places, or simply could just change out of the blue. In the article “I’m a Social (network) Drinker: Alcohol- Related Facebook Posts, Drinking Identity, and Alcohol Use, the authors looked at the associations between social media and alcohol use and how they affect our identity. Because we are all human,we are all trying to be accepted by society, which causes people to shape their identities to the certain situation.
Drinking identity is a concept that I was rather unfamiliar with until this article. It is defined in this study as “ a component of identity that is associated with heavier drinking and more negative alcohol- related consequences”(107). Drinking identity is basically how alcohol affects your way of living. Everyone’s drinking identities are different because it is based on how much we drink, what we drink, how often, etc. Drinking identity is used in this study to determine if people with higher drinking identities post more on social media, or are more open with their drinking, whereas people with lower drinking identities would post less.
The authors started this study off by getting access to 109 undergraduate students, dominantly female,who were all pulled from their psychology class and offered credit for doing this experiment. The study page sent out friend requests to all participants…
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