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Gwilan silently stared at the hearth fireplace, mesmerized by the crackling fire slowly burning the wood (Imagery). The recent events were starting to become overwhelming. Everyone in her life had left her. Her two sons were both grown up and gone, one starting a family and the other chasing his dreams far away. And Torm, Torm was now gone, thirty years from Gwilan’s life gone in a flash (Hyperbole). “What did this all start with?” Gwilan thought. Hypnotized into a deep sleep, Gwilan was free to dream, and her unconscious thoughts instantly went to the past, when it all began.

Gwilan was walking on the rough dirt road, clutching her harp tightly in her arms, when Torm came by. Gwilan had heard of Torm before, as most of her neighbors
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Gwilan turned and looked around for a empty tent, and headed for one that she spot out of the corner of her eye. She went inside and swiftly, but carefully arranged her remarkable harp. Upon her arrival, a crowd now encircled her tent, fans waiting to see her, but mainly other harpists scaling out the competition. After all, Comm. only came yearly, and it was the biggest music competition.

After Gwilan had finished assembling her harp, she walked outside of the tent and was directly escorted by attendants through the crowd to the harp warm-up section. “Gwilan!” voices shouted. “Can we try your harp?” Gwilan turned to see eager beginning harpists enviously glaring at her harp. However, their attention was momentarily drawn away from the harp and to the sound of a curtain opening when another champion harpist stepped in.

The new harpist walked straight to Gwilan, sitting beside her and arranging her own harp. “Gwilan.” the harpist acknowledged. “Coleen.” Gwilan recognized. “What are you doing here? I thought you weren’t going to compete anymore…after last time.” Gwilan subtly gloated.

Coleen had always won every music festival, until Gwilan was old enough to qualify to be in the same division as Coleen. Coleen’s family was extremely rich and she could afford the best harp teachers in town, but Gwilan had her harp and her passion, and that was enough to beat Coleen. Coleen, in shame, had never come back to the competition for years.

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