I 'm Still Working On A Good Title

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Lucy Ma
Section 1G
Dec. 4th, 2015
(I’m still working on a good title)
As you laid eyes on this paper, you may feel stress for having to grade, or tired because this is the nth paper you have had to read. Oh, and do not forget, you may still have a looming amount of work left despite the fact you deserve a break. Then, you start reading the content of the paper and start to process the meanings of each word while piecing the big picture of what the words mean together. However, where do these emotions and thoughts running through the mind come from? They are not direct products of observation but abstract concepts derived from past experience and memory. The past experience of heavy workloads or poor writing may have led to the dread of having to read student written papers, and past memorization and learning of vocabulary led to grasping the concepts discussed. This phenomenal is inspired by a physical observation that leads to abstract concepts. How perception transitions into cognition is a mystery, but this process, influenced by subjective experience, is consciousness.
However, perceptions and senses could oftentimes be false, but the ability to introspect helps one to regain clarity on his or her environment. Thus, one essential condition of human consciousness is that one must be able introspect and have a sense of self. Rene Descartes’ famous “I think, therefore I am” is an example that supports this condition. (I will and need to expand on this)
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