I think that although the First Love and When We Two Parted are

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I think that although the First Love and When We Two Parted are different due to the fact that one focuses on love and the other on loss. The difference in language of the two poems is tied up with the theme Explore the Themes of love and Loss in Two Poems studied, Showing How the Poets Have Used Language and Form to Express Their Ideas. ‘First Love’ written by John Clare (1793-1864), who was a romantic poet, used verse in this poem, as a way of articulating the feelings he felt the first time that he fell in love. In the poem, he reminisces about a previous failed romance which was his first love, and illustrates in length, the emotions experienced. ‘When We Two Parted’, written by Lord Byron, however, takes a different…show more content…
They therefore had to separate, even if it was only the choice of one party, the woman, as she deceived Lord Byron into believing she was in love with him even though she was not. The poem does not so much tell a story, but has a first person narration which suggests it is an autobiographical account of the poet expressing his attitude and point of view on the break up. ‘First Love’ focuses on the importance and power of emotions, which occur when one, falls in love. Its form and language are simple, but simple proves to be best, especially when trying to reveal complex emotions, “I ne’er was struck before that hour”. This is relatively simple to understand, yet brings the reader realise what this love meant, and how sudden such a life changing experience can impact one’s life. ‘When We Two Parted’, focuses on the loss that love can bring, when one is heart broken. The language used is also quite simple but each sentence is meaningful, “I hear thy name spoken and share in its shame”. Shame is a strong word, and Lord Byron uses it freely, to show that he was ashamed of the woman, and regrets their relationship. He is also ashamed of himself, because he fell for her, and she rejected him. As the poem is directed at the women, he uses strong language to spite her, and his anger is released in the form of
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