I 've Always Enjoyed Writing

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I’ve always enjoyed writing. I started to write as early as the third grade, where I would imagine curious stories about my favorite cartoon or video game characters. I fell in love with the fact that whatever I thought of, I could expand upon the thought in an even bigger way than just devising it. I didn’t enjoy reading too much though, I never had the patience to sit down and focus until the sixth grade. So, I always hated the book reports they had us do. Even though, we had to write a whopping two sentences a chapter, I still complained. Back to writing. The cartoon I was captivated by at the time was titled Ben 10. This ten year old boy named Ben was walking through the woods one night and a shooting star fell down at his feet. Well, it ended up being a watch that held ten different alien DNA in it. It granted him the ability to mutate into one of the ten different aliens for ten minutes at a time. He took advantage of this opportunity to use the watch to fight crime, alien or human. At the age I was at, I was just blown away about how different this was. So, test day came around in my third grade class and I absolutely bombed the DCA. I did well on the multiple choice, but I came around to the essay question and its what got me. She gave us a topic and a minimum number of sentences to write and I went above and beyond. I wrote over three pages and went completely off subject with it. I can’t remember what the topic was about, but what I wrote was not on topic at all.
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