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Username: Specific Past Username/s: Illustrated Age: 16 Timezone: GMT How long have you been playing Hydra Network?: I 've been playing Hydra since map 2 Time usually spent on the server(s): When it was open I played with my faction actively for at least 4 hours per day. Can your computer handle recording up to 30 FPS?: Yes Do you have access to Teamspeak and/or Skype?: Yes What can you bring to HydraNetwork?: As stated below I 'm very active on Hydra and thoroughly enjoy every moment of me being online and talking to some friends that I have met over the course of me playing Hydra where I 've interacted with staff and different players. I have built a good relationship between a bunch of players and some staff in fact have worked with me in the past and I am good friends with them and we had a very good experience. I 'm very responsible and mature meaning I can sort out different situations accordingly and will definitely abide by the rules that are given to me and will make sure to do my job correctly ensuring all players feel welcomed, making sure they 're enjoying their experience here on the Hydra Network. When someone in game is in need of any help I always make sure I am there to help them and what they may need. I 'm also very active in the teamspeak and very active on teamspeaks that I have had staff on making sure the players are okay and if an individual is waiting in a support waiting room I always make sure to move them in and help them if I can, if I

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