I 've Grown Through English 9

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I 've grown in English 9 because of the readings we do. The habit of heart in mind I use most in that class is effort. Even though my grades aren 't as high, well I have a B, I still put a lot of effort in my work. I didn 't use confidence because I didn 't really think I did good on some work. Like on my essays, I feel like I do alright but I end up doing better than I expected. I am most proud that I turned in my work. I only have 2 classworks/homeworks that I did bad. I have a 89% in that class, one point from a A! The most important skill I learned in this class is how answering questions can really help you understand the book. I also learned how to set up essays and what they are wanted. If I could go back and do something differently is I guess put a little bit more effort in that class because I am one point away from a A. Next year, I want my work to have a lot of effort and long answers with a lot of details. The most important thing I 've learned so far is how reading can improve your writing. English the beggining, was a great because I read many books. I am also proud on the partner work. That was independent with no teachers. It just depended on us. So of course, we where responsible and did all of our work. My team also created a drawing that wasn 't all that but I am still proud about it!! I felt like Cultural Geography is a class that I still stayed the same. The habit of heart and mind I use in that class the most is write. Whenever she assinges something

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