I 've Never Been Good At Baseball

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I’ve never been good at baseball. Believe me, I’ve tried. My older brother, Drew, plays baseball all the time, so I’ve thrown the ball with him, but I could never catch it. I would try, but it would always hit my glove and bounce off. Honestly, I could hardly even throw the ball. Despite my lack of skill, I loved to watch baseball. I think it’s so exciting. I love watching the players catch the high flying balls, and how hard they swing at the ball when they hit. When I watch games, I get a rush of excitement like I am playing in the game. I haven’t missed a single game Drew has played, and going to Royal’s games are one of my favorite things to do. The best game I’ve gone to, though, was when my dad took me on my…show more content…
Then, it landed perfectly in my glove, and for the first time, I caught the ball! It was so thrilling and I loved it! “Great catch!” the families sitting by us exclaimed. Although that was exciting, the Royal’s won the game 4-3! I was so proud of them, and I had so much fun a the game. After the game, we waited in line for about forty-five minutes to get Zobrist to sign my ball. Once he gave it back to me, I had this weird inspiration to try out for baseball. I felt like I could do anything, and I felt so courageous.
After some convincing, my parents let me try out. “Please mom? Drew gets to play baseball. Why can’t I?” I asked.
“It’s just too much money, and you don’t have enough time for it, anyway, with all of your homework. You will be too stressed out.” My mom argued.
“That’s not fair; why don’t you tell Drew that he can’t baseball anymore! Why aren’t you letting me play?”
“Okay, fine. I will sign you up for tryouts, but you have to pay half of the cost to be on the team. And if you don’t like baseball and playing on a team, just remember that I warned you.”
“Okay, okay, I’ll pay you the money. And by the way, I know I’ll love it!”
The tryouts were next week, and I was so nervous. What if I didn’t make the team? I thought. Eventually, the tryouts came, and that was the best I’ve ever played baseball before. I threw and caught the ball better than ever. “I have watched all of you
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