I 've Never Been Good At Saying Goodbye

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I’ve never been good at saying goodbye. I knew that leaving a group of students I’ve worked side by side with for many months, wasn’t going to be easy. I participated in a work experience program in a Kindergarten classroom, four days a week during my senior year of high school. My last day at the elementary school was one of the most bittersweet feelings I have experienced in my life. Seeing the changes I had been a part of for a certain child, allowed me to gain confidence, appreciation, and strongly believe my decision to become a teacher was going to be the right one. Starting in December after a few months in the classroom, the teacher came to me and asked, “Would you be interested in spending some time working one-on-one with a student in this classroom, and helping him out with his work?” The student was delayed developmentally, physically, and had problems with his behavior as well. The teacher continued to say, “I believe that he needs some one-on-one time with an individual that could give him assistance daily, and encourage him to have confidence in his work.”
I agreed to her offer saying, “Yes, I will help out this student the best I can.”
At first I assumed the student wouldn’t listen to me, or even want my help. I was astounded to experience what the rest of the school year turned out to be. When I first began working with the student, I gave special attention and focused on improving his physical skills. We practiced his use of fine motor skills with…

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