I 've Seen At The Georgia Museum Of Art

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One of the first artist I’ve seen at the Georgia Museum of Art was Lamar Dodd. One of the painting is called “self-portrait” painted in the year 1936 and another called “Copper Hill” painted in the year 1938. Both of these works have the same color scheme where there is a collection of low-key colors around the space. The main object in the “Copper Hill” and figure in “Self-Portrait” is filled with bright shots of colors. To all appearances Lamar Dodd wanted to have the viewer’s focus more on what was most significant in his paintings. For the painting title “Self-Portrait” Lamar Dodd himself has intense highlights around his face and the side of his body where we would look first. As for the painting title “Copper Hill” was the hill itself, where it has the intense highlights right above it. Each painting has the same consistency of paint on the canvas. The surface of the canvas has an exquisite smooth finish and the thickness of the paint is very thin and translucent. From the painting “Self-Portrait” to “Copper Hill” these aspects have changed from where he wanted the transition to go smoothly. However, in the painting “Copper Hills” you still see that style, but looking closely it starts to go colors against color. Seems he has loosened himself to not blend the colors together. His technique has slowly changed through time. The artists we studied have slowly changed their techniques stylistically to remove some of the details and have the viewers to understand what’s…

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