I 've Seen At The Georgia Museum Of Art

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One of the first artist I’ve seen at the Georgia Museum of Art was Lamar Dodd. One of the painting is called “self-portrait” painted in the year 1936 and another called “Copper Hill” painted in the year 1938. Both of these works have the same color scheme where there is a collection of low-key colors around the space. The main object in the “Copper Hill” and figure in “Self-Portrait” is filled with bright shots of colors. To all appearances Lamar Dodd wanted to have the viewer’s focus more on what was most significant in his paintings. For the painting title “Self-Portrait” Lamar Dodd himself has intense highlights around his face and the side of his body where we would look first. As for the painting title “Copper Hill” was the hill…show more content…
Later in the years with his painting “Copper Hills” he started to drop small details and added different hill, a house, a water tower, and a train but with dull colors. However, it is not a distraction to the main hill for the viewers. In addition, Daniel Garber’s “Spring Panel” compared to the size of my body made me feel much smaller. Daniel Garber’s “Spring Panel” was created in the year 1931-32. This painting definitely brings out more life to the trees because of its scale. A distance of the painting from where I was standing the perspective made the hill and the trees seem like I was a part of it. Also, to know the scale, Daniel added a person to know how immense the tree is. His color of choice for “Spring Panel” painting works perfectly together, which keeps my eyes moving. I couldn’t stop looking at the tree especially due to the detail he added. Since the painting Daniel created was so large I had to look all around to capture the amount of colors he has a place for each object. In other words, this was such an interesting experience. However, a smaller painting “Rose and Red: The Barber’s Shop, Lyme Regi" is created in the year 1895 by James A. McNeil Whistler. This gave out a different kind of experience. James’s carefully painted with the amount of detail, so his viewers can see a far distance. The painting “Rose and Red: The Barber’s Shop, Lyme Regis” has a female figure standing inside the building. I was standing both far and

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