I was a Pregnant and Scared Teenager Essay

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Many women have babies every day in life, but I believe having a baby can be the scariest thing you can actually go through being a teenager. There are more teenagers having babies with no guidance or direction in their lives today. I know being pregnant at 17 for me was the scariest moment of me being a teenager. The thought of me becoming a mother made me scared because I had no idea how to prepare, for the pain that my son (Freddrick) and I will have to endure. During the nine months that I was pregnant, I prepared myself for the arrival of Freddrick. The one thing I did know is that I wouldn’t have any type of financial help with Freddrick because his father had no idea, or clue how to take care of his self, nor less a son that was …show more content…

I can honestly say going through labor was the most painful thing I had ever experienced. Once Freddrick finally did arrived I knew that I would love him unconditionally for the rest of my life. He was just as precious as he could be and didn’t have a worry in this world. I didn’t know the type of mother I would be, but I was determined to be a different type of teenage mother. I wanted to show everyone I might be young with a son, but I made sure Freddrick was taken care of financially, Freddrick came first in my life at all times, Freddrick had disciplined in his life, and that he would know that mommy would always love him regardless of what happens through life.
Now it was time to finally leave the hospital, and I really didn’t know where we would live at because I had no job. I really didn’t know how to feel about the situation other than scared and wanting to cry, but I couldn’t because Freddrick would feel something was wrong. Luckily my mother came to pick Freddrick and me up to move with her in Orlando, FL. Once we finally moved and had a place to live that was one less thing I would have to worry about at that point. I knew I had a lot more things to deal with, I needed to find Freddrick a doctor, I needed a job, find us our own apartment, and try to get some type of support for Freddrick from his father. There was a lot I had to get used to being that I had a baby. That I can’t just get up and go anymore, I had to pack a baby bag, and I couldn’t

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