I4health Research Group Reflection Paper

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Currently, I am a first-year clinical psychology PhD student and I would like to apply for the i4Health Research Group. I believe I would be a good fit for the group because I am really interested in integrating technology in the neuropsychology field. New generations are now using internet and phone apps in their daily life and mental health is more accessible and less stigmatizing if it is provided using new technologies. Nowadays, technology is part of our lives and psychologists should use it as a tool to provide the best treatment possible. Furthermore, research on evidence-based psychological interventions to treat different psychological disorders is totally necessary and would make mental health available to people that come from low…show more content…
I have experience working with immigrants from South America and Morocco when I was in Spain. During a summer, I volunteered in an extracurricular program designed to teach Spanish and help children with school activities. Moreover, while working in Nebraska I worked with underserved families whose children had been removed and with teenagers from different backgrounds who had committed sexual offenses (many of these patients were Hispanics). Working as a Family Support Specialist helped me to be more communicative and efficient as a team worker since I needed to work along with different professionals. Also, I learned how to be more persuasive and problem-solving oriented, especially when organizing team meetings within parents, foster families, and case workers with the purpose of achieving family reunification. I improved my writing skills when writing reports, paying special attention to details when supervising visits and interactions within parents and their kids. I also became more patient and understanding when providing emotional support and care to the children that have been removed from their homes. Working as a Youth Treatment Specialist at Child Guidance Center and Volunteering at Lincoln Regional Center - Whitehall Campus provided me with different skills that are useful when working with children and youth as well as with their families, such as teaching skills, having more tact, being able to communicate effectively as well as improving my interpersonal skills. I gained experience working with people from different backgrounds who were reticent to receive help, and I learned how to connect them with a variety of public resources available in Lincoln (such as shelters, attorneys, second-hand shops, etc.). In addition, as my undergraduate Senior Research Project I
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