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Name: Đặng Thị Minh Huệ
Roll number: SB01003
Class: SB705

Individual assignment

Topic 1:. Identify and evaluate your personalities by using the Big Five Model (use a free online website). Write a paper providing your thoughts on the results and explain how the results can help you in personal and professional development.

I/ Introduction
1. Why do I choose this topic? The reason why I choose this topic is I am curious about how Big Five evaluates people’s personalities, (particularly, my personalities) as well as how it relates to job.
2. The objectives of my paper In this assignment, I try evaluating my personalities using Big Five, discovering its relation to my job and finding direction to develop my
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I should work harder if I want to have much money when I am old. Remarkably, I am introvert. I own poor interpersonal skills, be invisible in the crowd, go with negative emotions. Thus, my work performance is low, I have very little promotion chances, be hard to be satisfied with my job, there is no chances for me to be leader. I am fairly agreeable, easy to work with others, less likely to engage in organizational deviance but poor negotiator. Good performance of working in groups and the ability to avoid trouble in workplace are results of this. However, I shouldn’t get my foot on negotiating field. I often have less negative thinking and fewer negative emotions, am less hyper-vigilant. I can be happier, more satisfied with my job, bare stress fairly. My colleagues will feel Ok when working with me, my work isn’t affected by negative emotions.
3. My thoughts on the results When I got the results, there are many conflicts appearing to my head. The first, looking at the scores, I am very surprised that all scores fluctuate around average level. My highest score, openness to experience, just reaches to 3.3 on total 5. It seems that I tend to keep everything at balance. The second, there are disagreements between scores. For instance, the results of openness to experience and shows me a little potential to be a leader. But the result of conscientiousness and extraversion claim that I have no
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