IAD-North's Colocations: A Case Study

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Historically, the oversight of our colocations in IAD-North has been dispersed among multiple control rooms (CR), and managed by multiple data center security managers (DSM), which unfortunately corresponded to a fluctuation in our customer service. Consequently, IAD-North is revamping the security management of our colocations, and consolidating our resources to monitor all of them through a single point of contact. Throughout this process, AWS Security will enhance our overall customer experience, while ensuring that our colocations remain safe and secure.

To enhance our security coverage at IAD-North’s colocations a pilot program has been suggested for implementation. This pilot program will consist of additional costs but, will enable
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An example of this trouble ticket can be seen here Consequently, G4S security control room officers are required to correspond on this ticket during each maintenance window to ensure guards are responding to sites as required. For accuracies, these times should be logged by pulling a reader report.
• Remote sites housing officers are required to communicate with them on an hourly basis. Consequently, these officers should be taking notes on site, and logging all personnel entering the cage through the security control room. Subsequently, the control room officers are required to log this information in their desk journal.
• Logging all incoming and outgoing personnel at the site in their desk journals to have 100 percent accountability, 100 percent of the time.
Consequently, the colocation will be managed by one G4S supervisor who will be responsible for all G4S activities at these sites. The G4S supervisor will be stationed at IAD32, and the current supervisor is Jean-Pierre Keziah. The supervisor and or their subordinates will be required to submit the following daily reports, which should be uploaded to an encrypted monthly ticket in the following format (IAD78 – Officer Blank – 09-29 (0700-1500)
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