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I was curious to take the IAT racial test because I had never heard about it before. After taking it, I did some research and I found interesting explanations about what it broadly measures as well as opinions from different researchers about its use and accuracy. At first, I was a little bit scared to take it because I was afraid to discover myself having strong automatic associations that I was unaware of. When I consciously think about my values and what I stand for, I consider myself as an open-minded person who is not racist and values the globalization and multicultural mixer. However, my results suggested a moderate automatic preference for European American compared to African American. Honestly, I was surprised when I saw this answer…show more content…
In this sense, I noticed how privileged I am because of my sexuality, socioeconomic status, and country of origin. I was raised in a European country where I had the same ethnicity as the majority. Coming from an upper-middle class family, I never suffered from poverty or the stigma associated with it. This means that I grew up in a nice house and in a nice neighborhood where my neighbors were also middle-class families. I could walk alone around my neighborhood without the concern that I could be assaulted or robbed. This means that I was part of a privileged group, but without being aware of it since, as a kid, my parents could afford healthy food, medical bills (such as dentists, dental brackets, or new glasses) but, also toys and clothes. Furthermore, I was able to participate in extracurricular activities or go to college without worrying about the financial cost. Moreover, I have not struggled with stereotypes or stigmas that come with lower socioeconomic statuses such as thinking that they are less educated. Thus, I was never questioned for being intelligent, honest, or hard-working. Overall, I never faced discrimination or racism and that makes me unaware of how it truly feels like. For that reason, I need to acknowledge my identity…show more content…
The same as a Human Resources Technician would be selecting the ideal candidate for a position. Agencies would make sure that their providers are culturally aware and will not discriminate against anyone because of race or ethnicity. However, it is important to mention that there are some cons of using these measures to select clinicians. Indeed, agencies would be “discriminating” against candidates for something that they are not aware of (because most of the biases are unconscious). Moreover, these measures are not totally accurate which means that someone that might appear as having biases against certain groups, might actually not have them or might be able to not let them interfere in their professional work. Furthermore, using these measures we would be assigning patients to certain providers but that does not mean that these providers are totally unbiased (they might be unbiased toward African American but might be biased toward the LBTQ community). For this reason, I think it is more important to educate providers to become culturally competent clinicians and make them aware of their own automatic associations. Thus, it is necessary to place a greater emphasis on following clinical guidelines, using objective decision procedures, instead of basing the treatment on their own
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