IB Classroom Analysis

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The classroom for IB Media, Media one and film is in the brand new wind of the remodel. It’s situated just past the cafeteria and was especially designed for this curriculum. It sits between a career technical classroom, complete with a 3-d printer and the business classroom used for computer classes. It’s interesting that Mr. Wests class is not close to Visual Arts. It’s actually at the opposite end of the school. I don’t perceive this as a coincidence. The bundling with career and technical classrooms seems to be the way the administration separates these medium. Mr. West does go to departmental meetings with the arts, Theater, Dance, Visual and Media. Mr West’s curriculum is his own. He has taught IB Film and Media for six…show more content…
This gives students of all backgrounds a choice in what they shoot. Curriculum in IB film one and IB film two is not duplicated. The films shown in the Jr. year in film one are in genre blocks but different films are shown for two years. This way both Jr. and Sr. in the program see all required films in IB. This avoids redundancy but also gives the students whom make a two-year commitment the chance to revisit genres again. At the culmination of the two-year program, IB students submit a portfolio and are asked to do an oral examination of one of three pre-chosen films. These films are not shown during the program and are provided by the IB curriculum. Mr. West’s curriculum is not district wide as these classes are only offered at one other high school in the district. Mr. West’s class is very engaging to students and I have rarely seen this level of engagement around film outside of college classrooms. His theory and practice is heavily placed on film criticism and theory. His assignments are about deeply analyzing what you see in the films and in your own world. I think it’s why he’s a successful teacher. Video is a very persuasive medium. Mary Spont summed up the thought about video perfectly when she stated. “Perhaps more wholly than other art media, video art can approximate and draw attention to our multi-sensory experience of and bodily existence in
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