Essay on IBM Case Study Group 3 2 draft

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IBM Case Study
Liberty University
Christopher Eze, Karen Goosen, Myletta Lacey, and Katie Savage

IBM Case Study
Executive Summary
International Business Machines Corporation has been an innovative technological company for more than 70 years. At IBM, employees take pride in enabling the world and customers to live in a smarter planet with smarter commerce, smarter computing, and smarter cities. IBM offers many different business and computing offerings in order to meet its customer’s needs. Through new innovations, implementation of the Cloud and expanding its global strategy by doubling its business service consultants, IBM will continue to succeed and meet the needs of customers worldwide. This paper will examine the current
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In 1992, IBM incurred a loss of $5 billion and underwent a CEO change which began a turnaround for them in their revenue. The drive to generate greater profits and maintain its status as a giant in the industry, led to the discovery of the service business through IT solutions. As a result of this, the company obtained $90 billion in revenue in 2006 from its Global Services department (Chesbrough, 2007). However, its main focus has been innovation for decades.
The Business Model Canvas
IBM has made strategic alliances and partners with companies such as Exxon, Mobil, and Incentric Solutions, as well as numerous other companies in varying countries to enhance its revenue. The key activities in the business model include: integrated technology, business process delivery, research and development and intellectual property, and sales and distribution. IBM esteems these activities as they strive to create best practices for their clients using its brand name which is highly valued. The key resources to the business model for IBM are its intellectual capital. IBM has always hired key personnel to fill positions that are valuable to the innovation of the corporation. IBM also values its relationships with the consumers. The customer experience is an important aspect of the sale and IBM prides itself on human interaction with its customers. The channels of

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