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Case Summary IBM, founded in 1911, based in New York, transformed over a period of about one hundred years from an international, multi-national, to a global integrated enterprise. In 2008, IBM shifted its focus to define and develop leaders for a global economy. This effort included making the globally integrated enterprise relevant to all employees through IBM values, culture, and global citizenship. The aim was to ensure IBM could compete globally. IBM realized it was necessary to examine how it functioned, while gaining a better understanding of any gaps, dilemmas, and opportunities (Moss Kanter, 2008). IBM realized it was imperative that they relate to the diverse global population, building meaningful relationships with its…show more content…
Routine diagnostics and problem solving could occur remotely. However, larger issues required a physical presence. On ground, delivery of talent and technology to its customers was a significant challenge. IBM served all industries. Competitors were everywhere. Collaborative partnerships include some competition, blurring relationships. Complex relationships were vital. Project requirements and political issues varied. Lag time between technological innovation and customer orders was significant and integration even more concerning (Moss Kanter, 2008). Alternate Courses of Action Organizations moving toward a globally integrated enterprise face unique organizational and leadership challenges. They must work through fundamental structural and operating questions, set a clear direction, build alignment, and maintain innovative energy (Dewhurst, 2011). Globally integrated enterprises create valid leadership concerns about job loss and skill shortages, as more people gain equal access to production and the marketplace, increasing trade and competition. Addressing these concerns in realistic and constructive ways is necessary (Palmisano, 2006). Reassuring the nations in which you operate, its people, and your own employees of the benefits of global integration are vital. IBM possesses the technology to interact with its clients virtually (Moss Kanter, 2008) and yet it chooses to use its

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