ICEDOT: Direct Marketing Analysis: Positioning Strategy

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Direct Marketing Analysis
Positioning Strategy
ICEDOT Company facilitates the provision of identification and notification services in the case of emergencies at the scene of an accident. The major services used require internet accessibility, mobile applications, and short message technology. Quick identification of patients is facilitated, which is needed to provide information. ICEDOT should be well positioned in the competitive market in which it operates in, especially one that has a comparable offering. In developing a market position strategy, various dimensions need to be put into consideration. The paper intends to talk about the brand positioning, competitive positioning, competitive pricing, and product positioning strategies that should be analyzed and implemented (Hitt,
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ICEDOT should position itself in the market as an affordable goods and service company. This strategy may, however, result in decreased quality service delivery. Furthermore, the approach is bound to enable consumer attractions a result of affordability aspects. c) High price strategy. ICEDOT may choose to price the products and services it offers, more than the rest of the competitors in the industry. Concerning the information from the course reading, this will be a definite move to create a perceived value. Consumers in most cases, relate high priced products and services to quality, and believe high priced products are more worth than the low priced commodities. d) Distribution. This strategy will enable ICEDOT to sell the goods and services in various places, which depicts some form of relationship with the quality. ICEDOT services can be precisely delivered to individual markets and not to others. This will in turn give the company a prestigious look from the consumers’ perspectives (Hitt, 2008). This will make consumers believe that their commodities and services are the top-of-the-line models and hence want to have them

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