ICT Cambridge Tech AS - Unit 17 - P1 (Passed)

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P1 – Summarise accurately the principles of interactive media authoring with some appropriate use of subject terminology.
In this report there will be an overview explaining and talking about the tools used for interactive media authoring, the production process, the uses of interactive media authoring, the delivery formats of interactive media authoring products, the elements which will be included for creating the product and the interactivity and control methods which will be used.
Definition of tools used for interactive media authoring:
Director Flash is a program and a multimedia application which can be used to create games and interactive products which allows the creator to be the director and the program can support both 2D and
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Creation is when the process of bringing something into existence using ideas and designs, it involves the actual making of the product. If the production process had no actual creation there would be no final product, so it is an important part of the process where the design of the product is put into making and become the final product for use and testing purposes.
Implementation is including new ideas and designs into projects and existing designs to help further them in all ways, implementation also means to put something into action, people use implementation to try and achieve targets and goals when something is failing for example, a cereal company such as "Kellogg's" may be doing bad in the market in terms of sales of their cereal boxes so try and help this issue they could implement a toy which would come with the cereal, this would attract more people to buy the cereal, if there was no implementation into any projects or designs then there would be no new ideas to further the original idea.
Testing is when you check for faults, take measures to check quality, look at reliability and look at the

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