ICT Evaluation of Community Spirit Essay

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Evaluation Activity 1 1. Logo Purpose - Logos are very important as they represent the face of companies. This is the first thing that people see. My purpose was to make a logo called ‘Community Spirit’ which shows that the community is always one no matter what you look like – if you have different skin colour, different races, gender, etc. Target Audience - My target audience is mainly towards the community but it is also for families with children. Community spirit is for kids for all ages so they can interact with each other. Method - Firstly I used the software Serif DrawPlusX2. Secondly I went to the internet and took an image from ‘Google’ which showed several people covered in multi-colours and others who were of…show more content…
I had two headings: ‘Food and Drinks’ and ‘Activity and Attractions’. I made sure that each table consisted of the expenditure of every product and the income we will make. Screenshot Version 1 Fit for purpose – My event model is fit for purpose as it is organised and easy to understand for the organisers. Test Buddy Feedback:  Make your activities and attractions more realistic such as having the price of the entire attraction and the ticket price.  Add more attractions  Have more advertisements  Show costs  Merge Your cells  Add more drinks  Fill in the rest of your spread sheet Teacher Feedback:  Add the profit and loss to the model  Format the subheadings (bold) Add the VLOOKUP to the function Action Taken:  Add more drinks –I added more drinks such as Fanta, Lucozade and Tango.  Merge your cells – I merged my cells which made my model look organised. Screenshot Version 2 Further improvements – 2. Recommendations Purpose – The purpose is to show the organisers what I recommend for the forthcoming occasion. This will make everything more organised as each step of my recommendations is clearly addressed. Target Audience – The target audience is for organisers. I will show them an organised Method – Firstly, I used Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 to make my recommendations. I clicked on ‘View’ and then clicked on ‘Master Control’. After I did this I edited my background, font title
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