ICT In Digital Learning

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays a crucial role in the teaching-learning process of the modern society. This ICT based learning is Digital Learning. This learning process is democratic in nature. Anyone can access from anywhere and anytime. This digital learning facilitates and interactive and collaborative independent platform, where all the learners can use the discussion forum, chat room and social media to make the learning environment more easy as well as democratic in nature. This present paper discusses the role of ICT in teaching-learning process, the concepts of democratic leaning environment and how the digital learning make the learning process democratic in collaborative way.
Keywords: Digital Learning, Democratic Learning, ICT, Interactive Learning Environment.
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The people of the society are using ICT in an alarming rate in their daily activity. The education sector is not exceptional. The ICT has given an extra pair of wings to enhance the teaching-learning process. In this age, the ICT make the learning process easy and accessible to all. The ICT make the learning environment as a means of enjoyment and entertainment. This ICT based learning process is called digital learning. This ICT based digital learning is a democratic process, which is accessible to all freely and equally. Anyone can access, anytime and from anywhere of the world. So the learners can learn in their own time, pace and path. There for we can say that the ICT play a crucial role like skyrocketing, which make the digital learning is the ultimate solution for the teaching learning process in the modern society. The present paper made an attempt to show how the digital learning make the learning environment more democratic in
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