ICT In English Language Teaching

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Once there was famine for information but today’s generation is drowned in the deluge of information. The ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has been used in all fields of life, including education. In Indian education, the computer technology has become so significant that the government has incorporated the ICT in the curriculum. The use of the ICT in English Language Teaching has of late started to stress the potential and significant progress in language learning. It has become one of the major issues in the world of education and has been in use from preschool to the tertiary level which could facilitate students and teachers during the process of teaching and learning. The ICT has been gaining vitality as it is an enabling tool for educational revival as well. As indicated above, the importance of the ICT as a teaching aid, especially in imparting the nuances of teaching and learning English is being dealt with in detail in this paper.
Facilitator, ICT tools, Proliferation, Application, Second Language Acquisition, Technology, Educational revival.
The proliferation of computers plays a significant role in the learning process particularly in acquiring a second language. Hartoyo (2008) states, ‘a computer is a tool and medium that inspires people in learning a language,
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To make students learn the lessons with guidance, instruction, information or further explanation, language learning program can be created. The ICT in language learning can be used as a reference book as a computer can store unlimited lessons or references, which can be accessed accurately anytime, anywhere. The seven ways in which the ICT is used in language learning are highlighted below by Fitzpatrick and Davies
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