ICU Nursing Paper

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ICU nurse is one of the specialization of the nursing profession which deals with the patient who has higher dependency in medical care and in life threatening condition. There has been several changes in the nursing practice of the ICU nurse. One of the general nursing practice changed in ICU is FAST HUG method. The FAST HUG method is the method that helps to reduce the ventilator associated pneumonia and improve the health of the patient. Ventilator associated pneumonia is the hospital acquired pneumonia that develops within 48 hours or longer after the insertion of mechanical ventilation through the endotracheal tube (Khan, Ceriana and Donner, 2017, pp.3468). Mechanical ventilation is the method which helps in breathing pattern that is inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon-dioxide through the help of endotracheal tube (Ochiai, 2015, pp.219). To reduce the incidence of the ventilator associated pneumonia induced by mechanical ventilation the FAST HUG method was first introduced in 2005 after educating the nursing staff, respiratory therapist and physician, the FAST HUG stands for: F:…show more content…
The nurses strictly monitoring the input and output of the patient helps in improving enteral nutrition of the patient (Doig and Simpson, 2011, pp.130). The FAST HUG method has changed the nursing Practice. The implementation of FAST HUG method is very effective method to reduce the incidence of ventilator associated pneumonia (Papadimos et al., 2011, pp.12).A study by Magnan et al.,(2012, pp.54) reveals that the use of FAST HUG method evaluate the quality of the service provided by the nursing staff and assure the overall need of the patient that helps in improving the health condition. This method has changed the nursing care system and has a very high impact in nursing care as nurses are aware about the FAST HUG method and the implementation of the method has increased among the
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