IEE Article Review: The Nuclear Fusion of a Hydrogen Atom Essay

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IEE 381 Article Review
The article that I decided to review was an article about how a research laboratory in California was able to create nuclear fusion by using an incredibly concentrated laser. This is important because we need to find alternative fuels to power our society that doesn’t give off excess amount of pollutants such as carbon emissions or nuclear waste. In the article it mentions that this laser was able to create more power than it used therefore it can be used to generate power. The other process I want to mention as pretext is the nuclear fission of U-235 and U-238. The difference between these two operations is that they operate on the respective particles mentioned above and additionally U-235, which is what we use currently, creates nuclear waste while U-238 does not. Another fact about this process is that U-235 makes up .702% of Uranium while U-238 makes up 99.724%. Now the reason why I have mentioned these processes is to give a snapshot of where we are at, U-235 nuclear fission, and where we are going, laser induced fusion or U-238 fission. These two distinct processes that the future holds are vastly different and in the end using the analysis we have learned in class I believe that U-238 nuclear fission is the direction we should be pushing for.
Now to start off this analyzation I will go through the RDdmaic of our current way of generating nuclear Fission of U-235. To start off we need to identify where the process lies on the product mix vs.…

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