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Delivering the Value Case Study Analysis Renée Williams Marketing Management – MKTG – 522-2776 DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management February 8, 2015 Table of contents Delivering the Value Case Study Analysis 1 1.0 Introduction 3 2.0 Brief Description of IKEA 4 3.0 Industry Analysis & Industry Trends 5 3.1 Environmental Impact 7 3.1.1. Economic 7 3.1.2. Social 7 3.1.3. Technological 7 3.1.4. Legal 8 3.1.5. Political 8 3.1.6. Environmental 8 3.1.7. SWOT ANALYSIS 9 4.0 Target Market 10 4.1 IKEA in China 10 4.2 IKEA in India 11 5. Challenges 11 5.1 Cultural Environment 12 5.2 Underdeveloped distribution systems in emerging markets 12 6.0 Alternative Solutions 13 6.1 China 14 6.2 India 14 7.0…show more content…
We believe what is good for society is good for IKEA. We are passionate about creating a successful business where we act in a responsible way through small and large actions. It is a way of being. This is why sustainability is a cornerstone in the IKEA strategic direction – it is highly prioritized and serves as a driver of further innovation and development. Economizing with resource, finding new ways of doing things and developing our knowledge and expertise are important parts of our business idea and heritage. A low price company must be a low cost company, and this includes being careful with earth’s limited resources. IKEA has unique capabilities and tremendous enthusiasm to make a positive contribution across the world – from the forests of Siberia to the cotton fields of India and all the way into people’s homes in New York, Lisbon and Shanghai. Our customers rightly expect us to not only to make our products in a responsible way, but also to help them live more sustainable 3.0 Industry Analysis & Industry Trends The Furniture Store industry in China accounts for about 34.0% of total revenue from China’s furniture sector. The remaining sales are generated by other industries, such as furniture wholesalers, department stores and direct sales from furniture manufacturing industries. In the five years through 2014, the furniture Store industry has been growing at an annualized rate of 22.2% to

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