ILM L3 Award Candidate Guide 2014 Essay

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Contents Introduction 3 The ILM 4 Course Outline 5 Objectives 5 Teaching and Learning Methods 5 ILM Qualifications & Assessment 6 Work Based Assignments 6 Course Fees 6 Time off for Study 6 Equality of Opportunity 6 Appeals 6 Course Team 7 Roles & Responsibilities within the Course Team 7 How to Register 8 Timetable 2014 9 Management Development Opportunities 10 The Programmes 10 Management Development Framework 11 Registration Form 13 Learning Agreement 15 Introduction Rapid changes and increasing pressures on resources of all kinds have meant, more than ever, that trained and able staff are vital to the effective and efficient operation of every organisation. The purpose of these courses is to enable staff who are…show more content…
Units Credit value Solving Problems and Making Decisions 2 Understanding Leadership 2 Understand How to Establish an Effective Team 1 Understand How to Motivate to Improve Performance 2 Understanding Organising and Delegating in the Workplace 1 Total 8 Objectives By the end of the courses, delegates will: Better understand their role and key responsibilities in managing staff Know how teams function and develop, and have reviewed the way their own teams organise themselves Understand the concept of quality, service delivery and customers and have used this understanding to identify and solve real work problems Teaching and Learning Methods The structure of the programme is designed to enable delegates to participate actively in the various sessions and to this end group discussions and exercises form a large part of the course. All work is undertaken in groups including the presentation of real work situations to the course team. Individual and group activity is used to enhance the learning following an introduction to each topic by the presenter and the course is conducted in an informal, stimulating and supportive atmosphere. Additional support for learners is also available through one-to-one tutorial sessions which can be requested by the learner at any stage of the programme. ILM Qualifications & Assessment For those wishing to attain the ILM Award in Leadership & Management Skills assessment will take the form of: 5 work based

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