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ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management

Assignment 8600-339:

Understanding good practice in workplace coaching

1. Understand the context for effective workplace coaching
1.1 Describe and define the purpose of the workplace coaching?

There are a number of definitions to what coaching is; I feel that I can personally relate to the following definition:
Reference: Coaching for Performance: Sir John Whitmore:
‘Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance’.

Coaching allows an individual to ‘unlock’ their potential through use of questioning techniques to find their own solutions and develop
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It is important to stay objective at all times and not to provide personal responses as this can provoke a lack of trust and rapport.

If both parties have different expectations than problems can arise.
When someone is first introduced to coaching it is important that the coach gives an overview of the coaching process and the role of a coach within this. It is important to set the ground rules and all both parties to meet expectations set.

Challenges beliefs and challenging behaviour:
The use of the above will support the coach to challenge beliefs and behaviours. I believe it is crucial for the coach to overcome these challenges as this will hinder the coachee’s thought process and will, ultimately effect the improvement of the coachee.
In my organisation, this can be detrimental if the agent is not meeting targets and can mean potential loss of job.

1.3 Describe the behaviours and characteristics of an effective workplace coach.

According to Zeus and Skiffington (2008) the following are the Personal Qualities of a successful coach:
• A capacity of self awareness
• A capacity to inspire others
• A capacity to build relationships
• A capacity to be flexible
• A capacity to communicate
• A capacity to be forward looking
• A capacity to manage professional boundaries

According to Julie Star (2008)
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