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Stuart Pringle Nexus Rail ILM Level 3 M3:02 Understanding Change in the Workplace M3:03 Planning Change in the Workplace M3:04 Achieving Objectives through Time Management Word Count: 2408 By submitting this assignment on I confirm that this assignment is my own work. Stuart K Pringle Please attach this as a front cover to your assignment and then Email to: “I am writing this report for the attention of my Line Manager, Mr Michael Bollands regarding a change that is needed, and which could be implemented in the near future.” 1 – INTRODUCTION/BACKGROUND In all aspects of life, whether it be personal or in business, there is one constant, that…show more content…
These are the day to day quality standards of the organisation where detailed analysis of quality is measured. In the context of NEXUS, quality standards and continuous improvement are vital in that:- The health and safety of employees and the public is paramount, There needs to be high customer satisfaction and high patronage, There is a need for consistent, reliable, effective, high performance, We need to give value for money whilst managing costs effectively, Nexus needs to be able to maintain its corporate goals/strategy Quality and Continuous Improvement will mean that NEXUS will be able to continue to provide the same effective service that it does now. The public, and the employees will be adequately protected in their day to day activities. NEXUS will be able to justify its position as the provider of one of the most efficient integrated public transport providers in the world, and consequently, ensure continued funding to help maintain the continuous improvement of the service provided. Patronage and ridership will be maintained or improved due to the consistent, high quality public transport provided. NEXUS staff will be secure in their jobs, and a confident, positive workforce will carry forward the continuous improvements required. The consequences of poor quality standards and failure to continuously improve within NEXUS could include some of the following scenarios:- Accidents, fatalities and

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