ILM Understanding conflict manangement

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Unit 3.10 Understanding conflict management in the workplace
AC 1.1
Identify causes of conflict at work
Causes of conflict in the work place can be due to various reasons, good examples of these would be
Interdependence conflicts: This happens when a person relies on someone else’s co-operation on output or input in order for them to get there job done. An example of this would be if I was late getting a required weekly report on production performance to my boss on time which he needs first thing on a Monday morning to send out to report to the entire business.
Differences in style: This can happen when Peoples preferred way for getting a job done can differ. An example of this would be if 2 of my operators had 2
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During this stage people may pick sides and view their opponents as the enemy.
Stalemate can be the most intense stage and arises out of a conflict escalating. During the stalemate stage, the conflict has spiraled out of control to a point where neither side is in a position to back down; by this point, participants are not willing to back down from their stances, and each side insists that its beliefs are ultimately right. Even in a situation where a member of one side feels that there may be merit in the other side’s stance, there is an unwillingness to admit it because of a need to protect interests and save face.
Even the most intense conflicts calm down, this is due to one or more of the persons involved in the conflict realizing they are not likely to reach a conclusion if they continue with their unwillingness to look at the conflict from all sides. During this stage, parties may begin to negotiate and consider coming up with a solution.
Settlement or Resolution
After hearing from all parties involved in the conflict, participants are sometimes able to come up with a resolution for the problem they are facing
Peace Building and Reconciliation
If the parties reach a solution, it may be necessary to repair the relationships that may have been damaged during the escalated conflict

On reflection on the above I recently discovered a conflict that was happening across all shifts. I discovered the conflict
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