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I’m a firm believer that the encounters and experiences we go through shape our character. I’d like to elucidate how mine in particular have shaped my personal and professional ambition of becoming an agent of change targeting social injustices. I’ve taken opportunity and adversity and created a desire to utilize my attributes for the benefit of vulnerable groups in my community. My journey for a higher education demonstrates a well-rounded understanding, theoretical and practical approach, but most importantly a sensitivity and awareness of the complexities of society. From my diverse heritage, my father an immigrant from Mexico and my mother an immigrant from El Salvador, it has provided a unique perspective for the different events…show more content…
This time I’ve spent with them has allowed us to become a collaborative effort of business planning in an industry that has experienced many changes in the last decade. My range of personal abilities has been tested from customer service, product knowledge, operations, and financing. Furthermore, I was able make the most out of a difficult situation, when I was forced to take a semester off due to financial setbacks. I enrolled in online real estate courses, recognizing the prospect and versatility of a profession with flexibility. Within months I had completed the online courses and was scheduled for the state licensure exam. After passing the state test I was able to put the practice to use having completed numerous transactions, while accelerating my professionalism and networks. Throughout my professional career I was able to draw on concepts and practices from my studies and utilized them in a hands on approach. In one case I used surveys and costumer data to provide a more holistic view of our customer base. Moreover, the foundation I received in theoretical concepts about society and relationships transferred over as having an alertness of the influencers around us. I’ve greatly benefited from these positions but have been determined to gain some professional experience with a particular group near to my heart. Recently, I have been employed as a life skills coach at an

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