IM Not A Depressed Or Sad Man By James Gordon

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James S. Gordon’s “I’m not a Depressed or sad man, but the older get, the more often I cry” is primarily an expressive essay with a secondary purpose to persuade the audience that even though we age its ok to be sensitive. Gordon uses the expressive style of writing to show the audience his feelings and thoughts on the subject at hand. While also using the persuasive style to let readers be more open to their feelings instead of being so stoic all the time. Gordon is a Harvard educated psychiatrist and a world-renowned expert in using mind-body medicine to heal depression, anxiety, and psychological trauma so this feeling that he feels is in his wheelhouse. Gordon goes throughout the essay puzzled on why this is trying to find the answer but only coming up with suggestions to why this phenomenon is happening. The only thing he can answer is the way he feels during different scenarios. This ties in this semester of college because like Mr. Gordon I to have become rather emotional due to multiple factors growing up and in my progress in my writing. James S. Gordons essay is an expressive piece that explores how when we age we become more sensitive by using techniques like illustration, narration, and the persuasive appall pathos.
Gordon gives us plenty of examples that the reader can understand but I believe the most prevalent is when he talks about movies “Movies about fathers and sons, and about family or friends who overcome obstacles and grow close, make me cry. The other
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