I'M Sure Every Young Musician Has Had The Thought Of Pursuing

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I 'm sure every young musician has had the thought of pursuing a music career at one time or another. Most up us grow up being told that if you follow your passion in life you will in one way or another become properous in what you do. But follwing your passion can be hard infact (Rowe;) suggests that following your passion isn 't always the best way to have a sucessful career Many talented musicians are being encourged by there peers to pursue a music career, while their parents or family members might be pulling them in the opposite direction to be come a dotor, buniness man or other high class profession. There really isn 't one right way of pursuing a music career. Some respected musicians to enter this conversation(Hess; Normand;)…show more content…
In fact this is probably the number one thing that dicourages musiccians when they are first starting out. All of us have heard about bands making a huge profit off a record deal that they singed with. Unforunately this is not the case for most of us. Pretty much all recording company have a contract of some sort. As little as 14% of those rolaities actual make it back to the artist (Yeh;). Even after all those deductions the artist still owes a recording fee which takes more away forom that 14% leaving a vey little profit to be made. Cohen thinks you can avoid the major record labels by recording your own music, but even indie music has had struggles recently. A well know indie musician Cat Power who had a top selling album in 2013 recently had to drop out of the sence because aof going brankrupt. "It 's no shock to learn that musicians lead financially precarious lives, but the thought of an artist as big as Cat Power going broke is particularly disheartening" (Wagner). Tomkiel argues against this in that is not impossible to make a good living in music you just have to really know the industry inside and out and figure out ways of doing things that have a different approach from what others are doing. Following our passion in life is something we all strive to accomplish. Whether it be sports, music, teaching, or whatever our heart desires. We come to a time in life
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