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The term ‘mise-en-scene’ is used to “signify the director’s control over what appears in the film frame” (1) and covers such elements as setting, lighting, costume and the movement and actions of figures appearing within the film.
The iconic Citizen Kane (Welles, 1941), a biopic that traces the life of fictional newspaper magnate Charles Kane, uses the elements of mise-en-scene to reinforce ‘loss’ as a recurring theme throughout the film. As a faceless reporter goes about collecting personal recounts of Kane, the stories told suggest that throughout the majority of his life, Kane was “moving inevitably toward [an inner state of] bitterness, disappointment and loss” (2).

The first flashback scene shown (set at Kane’s childhood home)
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After watching it, and knowing more about true appreciation of film I get it, so to speak.
Watching a film takes so much more than just escaping from your own life for a few hours. Being able to turn your brain off and say, “Ok. I get to live in this other world for the day. This is my life for a day.” Film is only about escaping in the sense that a message must escape from the scenes, and the story as a whole. It may never cross the lips of any of the characters, or be written in white on a black screen (as in black and whites), and it won’t be mystically entered into your computerized mind, or sent as a message to your iPhone. No…to get the message of the film you have to watch and know what to look for—the subtle nuances and the mise-en-scene, everything that is in a particular frame, because those are the clues and you are the detective. You must find universal truth and your own personal growth from what you take from the movie. Some movies do a poor job of sending a message and those are the movies that people watch and forget to learn from them. Other are too complex. Citizen Kane is perfect because you can learn everything you ever needed to know about how to analyze a film from it, and it is such a beautifully simple story, with complex characters, making the everyday important, just as it should be in our own lives.
First off, Orson Welles, the writer/director/actor in this film, who

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