I'M the King of the Castle

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I am the King of the Castle

The novel begins on a deathly note. Three months before the main events of the story, the grandmother of the Hooper household dies. Her son Joseph then refuses to live at Warings, the family home, until he owns it, i.e. until his father dies and he inherits it. This tells the reader knows immediately that the relationship between Joseph and his father is poor. Soon afterwards it b ecomes clear that the relationship he has with his own son is no better. Communication between Joseph and Edmund Hooper is limited and a cause of some concern to Joseph.

Edmund's mother died six years previously. This has not made him sensitive to death, and on seeing his dying grandfather he remarks coldly, 'All he looks like is one
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The crow is gone when he comes back from the bathroom in the morning. Nothing is ever said about the incident.

Hooper actually feels impressed that Kingshaw kept his cool, but becomes even more determined to find ways to get to him. His next move is to take him to the Red Room. Kingshaw finds the moths and smell of preservatives oppressive and is reluctant to enter. When he finally does go in, Hooper runs out and locks the door. Kingshaw tries to escape via the windows but they are locked so he can't get out; he is on the edge of panic. He finally escapes when the adults find him. He makes excuses and runs away quickly without telling on Hooper. He is violently sick in the bathroom. Despite the signs, the adults don't notice that anything is wrong and think the boys are becoming friends.

At this stage Kingshaw is finding life at Warings intolerable. He longs for his school, where he is happy and comfortable.

Chapter Four
Hooper goes on a daytrip to London with his father. Joseph attempts to deliver a stern speech, and is insistent that Hooper should make more effort to befriend Kingshaw. His son listens silently but continues to plan ways to inflict further terrors.

Meanwhile back at Warings, Kingshaw finds a room on the top floor to hide away in. He likes the room because it doesn't seem to belong to anyone. Amazingly, he manages to keep his
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