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1. Comment on the merit of the paper which is arguing for a separate HRM model for Oman?
It is essential to have a unique HRM model specialized for Oman due to few important reasons. The first reason is the cultural influence and there is relationship between the HRM and the social principles, values, ethics and rules. Second, the cultural aspects must be respected when considering about HR philosophy. Nonetheless, the economic conditions are greatly important as there is a strong link between the economic conditions and the HR policy. At the end, I can briefly say that there must be a special and unique HRM model for Oman due to the special conditions that made this country a different case.

2. Do you
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At the end, The HRM for the Saudi market should be different from the Western market in variety of ways since it must cope with the Saudi culture, and economic and political conditions.

3. Mellahi and Budhwar (2006) and many others are of the view that there is no such thing as a Middle Eastern HRM model and the current forces shaping HRM in this region will lead to more divergence than convergence between and within these countries (GCC and Middle East) in the foreseeable future, Comment.
The Middle East region is a conservative cultural and religious area that grew at only half the rate of other developing countries during the 1990s. A number of factors such as structural imbalances, the so-called 'curse of natural-culture and religious conflicts, are highlighted for the slow economic development in the Middle East. Similarly, Abed (2003) identifies five main causes holding back the economic growth of the Middle East i.e. lagging political reforms, dominant public sector; underdeveloped financial markets; high trade restrictiveness and inappropriate exchange regimes. apart from these , some of the others factors include the lack of integration into the global
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