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INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS AND INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES Industrial Relations Introduction • relations which are the outcome of the employment relationship in an industrial enterprise • every industrial relations system creates a complex of rules and regulations to govern the work place and work community • main purpose: to maintain harmonious relations between labour and management by solving their problems through collective bargaining • the government/state shapes industrial relations with the help of law, rules, agreements, awards of the courts Historic Facts • The concept of industrial relations was developed with the industrial revolution • Prior to this it was considered master and servant relationship • The workers were considered and…show more content…
• Government: The government plays an important role in establishing better industrial relations. Government passes various laws to protect the interest of both employers and employees. Causes of poor Industrial Relations • An attitude of contempt towards the workers on the part of the management • Inadequate fixation of wages or improper wage structure • Indiscipline • Unhealthy working conditions at the workplace • Lack of human relations skills on the part of supervisors and managers • Desire of workers for higher bonus, wages or daily allowances • Desire of employers to pay as little as possible to its workers Cont.. • Inadequate welfare facilities • Dispute on sharing the gains of productivity • Retrenchment, dismissal and lockouts by the management • Strikes by the workers • Inter-union rivals • Mental inertia on the part of the management. Industrial Disputes Introduction ▫ conflicts, disorder or unrest arising between workers and employers on any ground ▫ Such disputes finally result in strikes, lockouts and mass refusal of employees to work, until resolved ▫ harm both parties employees and employers ▫ always against the interest of both employees and the employers Principles assigned by courts for judging the nature of disputes • The dispute must affect large number of workmen • The dispute should be taken up by the Industry Union • The parties involved in dispute must have direct interest • The consulted demand must become grievance
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