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Scientific evidence demonstrates that vaccine inoculation can cause complications including disability and death. What is causing this shift in immune-prophylaxis, from the initial goal of eradicating contagious diseases, to becoming a killer inoculation? Are we still free to defend and decide for our health, or is there a danger of government actions with mass- vaccination mandates? There is a justified alarming concern on vaccines, not only in the population worldwide, but also in the medical personnel. The theory stated in some scientific groups, is that vaccines are not only harmful but also useless. In matter of health issues, science is the only honest filter we can use, looking at the critical dilemma on vaccinations, in order to…show more content…
It allows US data but also international data as for those of Norway, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy and more, where one can compare the type and brand of vaccines with the side effects. The European situation is similar to US with the only difference being, that overseas, they are still behind in the number of vaccines inoculated in the US. Talking about numbers, how many and what type of inoculations are administered to a baby just from birth to six months of age? Here are some numbers: since birth through age six years old at least fifteen types of different vaccines, up to four inoculations for each type are administered to children (Appendix A). Are all these vaccinations necessary at such an early age? The uncontrolled proliferation of childhood vaccines with known potential for adverse reactions, is it validated by a serious epidemiological study? Moreover, why are vaccines excipients containing poisons such as mercury and aluminum or contamination of human DNA? (Appendix B) The same conservative poisons are also in foods and water, but in vaccines they are part of the chemical creating process and this has no excuses, because science knows better about their effects on the human body (Appendix C). A sharp and persisting rise in children autism diagnose, started following the introduction, in 1978, of the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, rubella) when also mercury-laced


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